There are a number of different ways you can learn about the history of any subject. With that said, the history of the computer can be a little more complex. Because computers are still making so many advances, it can be hard to get a complete picture.

If you’re hoping to learn more about the early age of computers, try utilizing some of these resources.

1. Look For Comprehensive Books

While books will never be as up to date as the internet will, they can still provide you with a lot of information. Seek out books that try to provide a comprehensive history of the computer. You can turn to other resources after you’ve finished reading.

2. Read Old Computer Magazines

Because computer magazines had to publish new stories every month, they have a lot of smaller details about computer history. Reading magazines is also a great way to see what people thought about computers during the time.

3. Find Great Blogs

There are a number of excellent blogs that cover computer history. There’s all kinds of blogs these days – I just came across a perfect one for how to care for my lawn – Anyway, If you find a great blogger, you can ask questions and get information you’d never have been able to find otherwise.