I was bored the other day and surfing on the Internet. I was reading a lot of articles about technology and electronics. That’s when I came across an article about the history of the computer. The history of computers is pretty cool. I like to read about how technology has evolved and know that the future holds more for technology. There are so many things that are available these days, that weren’t available when I was a kid. Electronics like tablets were never available when I was young. I can’t imagine how much different my childhood would have been if that kind of technology was available. That is what is here now and I am curious to see how much more evolved the technology gets. It is all interesting to think about and learn about. It is also crazy to think about how this technology has affected human interactions and the ability to meet and talk to people through a computer. It is a good thing to an extent but I feel that it does take some of the personality out of people because they are living through a computer or other electronic device.